High Service Leasing

More and more people do not need to own everything ourselves. Some things you buy, borrow other items or share your and other lease you. Possession of goods and services is no longer so important at this time. Access to information, goods and services with monthly or use is paid, increasingly common and normal. It's about the performance and usefulness of the product or service, not the property.
Asook.com provides a high service lease concept in which the user no longer has goods, but will have access to the use of such property. Customers always have access to goods they want or can not miss a day without having to make an investment and with the assurance that they will never get any nasty surprises or costly repairs. An additional advantage is the flexibility offered by a service agreement. Because the customer is not the owner of the product to the customer over time the product exchange for a newer model or for a different product at that time to better suit his needs. Flexibility, convenience and security.

Ease of Use

Service - Instalation - Maintenance

Asook.com is the partner for the leasing of consumer goods, accompanied by excellent service for both consumers and businesses. Through years of experience Asook.com knows which requirements diffrent costumer groups have. The products are delivered free of charge and installed for the customer.

We leave until everything is connected properly and the customer knows how the product works. The connection of own apparatus on the leased product is not a problem. The customer can get started immediately. In addition, the customer for the service contract not to worry about the product and any maintenance. And at the end of the lease period, we refurbish the product for a second life or we take care of the recycling of materials. This way you use new energy-efficient products and we go against e-waste. Ease of use is the key.


All-in Monthly Amount

Asook.com has a very effective service organization, this results in a maximum response time of 24 hours on working days. This means that products that no longer work properly repaired within 24 hours or whether a replacement product is delivered. while the customer does not have unexpected expenses, such as travel costs, repair costs or costs for parts. The customer also has no hassles and discussion with the retailer or manufacturer of any blame for repairs and / or maintenance.

Last but not least, our service also offers more than the standard manufacturer's warranty or statutory warranty. Asook.com takes all care related to repairs and servicing. The customer has full security during the service agreement.


Always the Latest Products

Within the development that the use is more important than possession, play to make the requirement with flexible use of products. Here Asook.com plays in by offering a service agreement for a specified period. Over time, the customer can break the agreement during the term and choose a new product. Here, the customer can either choose a new product from the same product, for example a 3 year old refrigerator exchange for the newest and most energy-efficient model. The customer can save energy by permanent circular lease. The customer, the product can also be exchanged for a different product, for example an exchange machine for the latest desktop or laptop. This ensures that the customer is always the product in-house, where he currently has the most need and the latest model, without re-investment.